Hello artists! Today we are going to talk about the top 5 basic tools to make your handcrafts and DIY projects!

We live in a historical period in which innovation is the order of the day…And because we want you to be aware of the 5 best and most basic tools that you need for making your creations and gift magic to the ones that surround you…below we have prepared you a fantastic list:


1) Scissors

THE SCISSORS: We take them for granted and we don’t include them in the basic tools. Don’t worry, this mistake is a good sign which indicates that you are a good handcraft artist ☺ But…why do we imply this tool? The answer is easy: this tool is not just basic, is ESSENTIAL. Perhaps, you need it to open the envelopes of the material you have purchased, to cut threads



2) Wire Cutters

Jewels with a metallic touch look gorgeous, right? In order to get this touch, in this type of creations metallic wires and steels are perfect! Nevertheless, due to its hardness and roughness, wires are really difficult to cut. Therefore, it is basic to have special wire cutters. Believe us, they will make much more easy the work!

3) Hot glue gun


To ad colorful beads and pearls to your new pillow, to decorate your new notebook with sequins… For this kind of crafts, the hot glue gun is definitely a must have! 

4) Round nose pliers


To round the wires, to make loops, to give them the new shapes that you have designed…For this type of actions you need round nose pliers. Perhaps, they allow you to let your imagination free, without limits, because with them you can create whatever form you want.


5) Chain nose pliers 

To get into small spaces, to open and close rings , for gripping the wire…For this actions you need chain nose pliers ☺

We hope this blog has helped you and we encourage you to tell us in the comments which of this tools you use and which one you find more useful ;)