% Pearly magenta sequins

Pearly magenta sequins

Oriental mother of pearl flat round sequins. Made in France. Opaque matt sequins. Frequently used for garment design, jewellry, arts and crafts. Also known as: Spangles, Lentejuela, Temin, Payet, lluentons, cekin, flitr, paillet, lovertje, Palett, kislap sa bestido, paljetti, paillette, cequim, flitter, paillettes, vizulis, kora, cekin, flitr, paljett

Magenta spangles finishing mother of pearl
Sold by bunch of 10.000 spangles or thread of 1.000 spangles
Colour number: 52
Made in France


5,00 €

6,25 €


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